Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keyshia Cole Sex Tape?

Keyshia Cole's sex tape coming soon, involving an explicit 3some...

A sex tape of the 'Heaven Sent' singer involved in a 3some will be released by one of the participants.

"Keyshia is a psycho b**ch when it comes to a man," a source told the site as for the reason why was being leaked.

"Keyshia f**ked off her career, she should have stuck with Kanye. Kanye could of made her a star, but he couldn’t f**k with her," they added.

"She has the nastiest attitude in the business."

The alleged sex tape features the 'Love' singer involved in an sexual romp with a woman and a known music producer.




  1. So basically a hater who didnt get their proper issue hated by putting this out......but guess what this gone make her a bigger star

  2. They not perfect matter bc they celebrities. Who cares she should've stayed committed to her fine ass husband and she does have a shitty ass attitude. IJS......

  3. i ALWAYZ hated her STANK AZZ ATTITUDE .....
    and her singin' aint so great either

    1. bitch shut the fuck up u jus a dirty nut ass bitch yall mad cuz she stuntin on u niggaz ndd bitches dats my wife ndd i dnt give a fuck dats not her in dat photo or it wont be her in dat sex tape

  4. uhhhhh thats her!!!!!!!!

  5. Mind y'all bizz,, so what of it is or not, she doing her and at the end of it all it is only one Judge"God"