Monday, November 12, 2012

Kenya Moore Was Allen Iverson's Mistress?

Reportedly 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Kenya Moore had an affair with then married basketball star Allen Iverson...

Their affair also afforded Kenya with multiple plastic surgeries...

Allen Iverson was known for a killer crossover, a ridiculous first-step, and an unstoppable floater in the lane, but one thing he was not known for was off the court judgment. It has recently come out that one of his mistresses while playing in the NBA and married was model Kenya Moore.

She has been on the reality show "Atlanta Housewives" and has apparently been spilling some secrets. According to this inside source Iverson was "Community D*ck" in the 90s and was having sex with a number of beautiful young women. One of them is reportedly Kenya Moore who now wants to cash in on her celebrity connection.

It is even rumored Iverson paid for a number of cosmetic surgeries for Kenya Moore too. 

Is Kenya that 'steal yo man' type of chick?

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